Calvin Walker

Calvin Walker - Client Care Specialist


I’m Cal Walker born and raised in Milwaukee , WI. I recently just accepted a position with WRG as a Client Care Specialist. My priority in work, as well as life, is to serve. I’ve transitioned here from working in technology (cell phones), where I served the community by assisting people with repairing and troubleshooting their devices they depend on. Helping to keep people connected was the self-rewarding aspect of that field, and I was also able to build relationships / trust with those whom I’ve served.

As a client care specialist, I’m confident I’ll be able to transition these attributes over to real estate to help the team succeed. As an open -minded individual , consistent learning is a must for me. Getting better every day gives me confidence to bring more value to any given situation.

As a past time, I love reading / listening to books , composing music for TV/Film , and repairing phones when people need my assistance. I enjoy going to social events to meet great people , and occasionally ill watch and episode or two of HGTV.

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