Jeffrey Knier

Principal Real Estate Advisor

Transactions Manager

Decades of experience, teamwork and team building has made the Wisconsin Real Estate Team an obvious choice for Jeff. A special focus on client appreciation and satisfaction, along with successful marketing and including a “family environment,” has truly blessed the team with unprecedented growth and acknowledgement from clients and the Real Estate Community alike.

A special focus on family, integrity and hard work met Jeff’s personality and preferred employment environment. From Family experiences and the loss of a mother in his young adult years, Jeff has formed a compassionate place in his life for Cancer victims and survivors. He has participated in several fundraisers, most notably the Komen Foundation both personally and through our Corporate contributors.

With a background in the legal field, Jeff has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Justice and Public Policy as well and a Master’s Degree in the Science of Legal Studies. A special focus on contractual obligations and composition, along with organization and particular attention to details, forms the foundation of Jeff’s skills and success.

As a new licensee, Jeff has learned the business from ground upwards. He began working with leads and building relationships with clients to find them homes that fit their taste and needs. After learning and exploring the different areas of the business, he went for and received his Sales License. As a new licensee, Jeff is excited to get out and put a more personalized touch on clients’ experiences and transactions alike. He understands situational strains and carries compassion for all clients and customers involved in the process of home buying/selling.

Jeff grew up In the Richfield area and moved to Milwaukee in 2012 to give him an even more comprehensive understanding of the varying markets of Southeastern Wisconsin.

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