So you’ve decided that it’s time to sell. Whether you have a new job opportunity, are looking to downsize, or just feel the market is right, you’re ready to take the plunge!

Before you put your home on the market, follow these simple steps to make sure your home sells fast and for a great price.


One of the most important things you can do to increase the selling price of your home is to seek the assistance of a professional home stager. A stager will come into your home, give it a thorough examination and create an unbiased assessment of what your top budgetary priorities should be. Should you replace the carpets, touch up the upstairs bathroom, or focus on modernizing the landscaping?

These professionals spend their lives researching what factors potential buyers truly value, and they use that knowledge to help guide your decision-making when it comes to making your home irresistible to buyers. Your small investment in their expertise will pay off many times over!

Get Some Online Inspiration

If you decide to go it alone when it comes to preparing your home for sale, there is no shortage of helpful advice and inspiration online. Whether you’re looking for simple (and inexpensive) fixes that could help increase your selling price or advice on how to make your home visually shine once people start looking at it, the internet offers a treasure trove of unique ideas.

Or why not let other people do the legwork of sorting through the sea of creative ideas and just check out the results of their collective searching via Pinterest?

Put Yourself In The Buyers’ Shoes

However you decide to seek out your inspiration, always make sure you keep in mind who you are doing this for. Is your home a prime target for a young family? Then you should probably pack up the fine china. Will people be looking at your home as a retirement downsizing option? Then maybe it’s time to convert the kids’ playroom back into a spare bedroom.

If you’re simultaneously looking for a home to buy as well, pay special attention to the elements of other listed homes that stand out to you. Chances are if there’s something about another listing that makes your heart race, it would probably do the same for a potential buyer looking at your home. The point is, preparing your home for sale is all about understanding what the buyer is looking for and catering to that.

Contact An Advisor

And who knows better about what people are looking for when buying a home than the professionals who do it all the time? Whether it’s figuring out how to accurately price your home, understanding the home inspection process, or knowing how to effectively market your listing, a good advisor can bring a plethora of valuable resources and experience to the table that you simply can’t reproduce on your own.

When you’re ready to contact an advisor, we would love for you to consider The Wisconsin Real Estate Group to help get your home sold fast and for a great price!

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